Your participation in this survey is completely anonymous and confidential. We will not be seeking any identifying information such as your name.

Similarly, if you contact us by email or telephone to make an inquiry about the survey we will not ask you to provide any identifying information, and nor will we retain any information that may potentially identify you (for example your email address).

If you decide to participate, you are free to discontinue the survey at any time.

However, if you decide to participate you will not be able to withdraw from the study after submitting your responses to the online survey. The pilot study is completely anonymous so it will not be possible for the study team to identify which responses have been provided by any individual participant.

The protocol for this pilot study has been approved by the UNSW Human Research Ethics Committee (approval number 08357) as well as La Trobe University, ACON, and the Victorian AIDS Council / Gay Men’s Health Centre.

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